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Baby SLEEPING BAG. Gingham yellow.


Baby SLEEPING BAG. Gingham yellow. A safe and practical alternative to sheets and blankets. Ensures that baby stays covered through the night, and maintains steady body temperature whilst leaving room for air to circulate. 

Now available from a U.Ksite.

Made by Bonne Nuit


Safe, practical, convenient - just some of the reasons why baby sleeping bags are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to sheets and blankets. French mothers have been putting their babies to bed in sleeping bags for over twenty years, and our Bonne Nuit collection is one of France's finest labels. They are made to the style and tog rating recommended by medical advisors, whose studies show that sleeping bags are the safer alternative to blankets.

These sleeping bags ensure your baby stays covered throughout the night, no matter how restless they may be, keeping their body at a steady temperature whilst allowing air to circulate. They're also ideal for holidays, long journeys or daytime naps round the home. The Bonne Nuit range is made in France from fine quality fabrics, are machine washable, and available in a choice of summer and winter designs for babies up to four years.


  1. Sleeveless, as recommended by medical advisors. 

  2. Top half folds open for easy access when putting baby in or changing nappy. 

  3. Fastens via poppers at shoulders and waist. 

  4. 100% cotton with soft towel lining. 

  5. Decorative bows at waist. 

  6. Brand embroidered at chest. 

  7. Tog rating 1.0 Machine washable.

  8. Unisex.




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