Just an few ideas to help  with the text for your birthday candle, copy the text below choose the design you require and past the text into  the message section fill in the dashes with names and dates, or write your own message.


Happy Birthday ________________           All our love _________  


__________ Have A Great 18th Birthday


 A Very Happy Birthday ________ Love and Best wishes ____ _____


To Celebrate the ____the  Birthday of _________  _________

Personalised candles sent direct 

Send a  KeepSake Birthday Candle as a personalised present or gift.

Birthday Cake Candle send as a gift, order online today.

Birthday Cake Candle order online today.


Birthday card candle with your own message and choice of design.

Design shown Glasses

White cubed candle 8cm (3 inches). 

These unique  candles make excellent personalised gifts for any occasion.  For a gift, as an ornament or paper weight.
Designed and made in Cornwall


Celebrate a special day with a personalised candle.



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