Just an few ideas to help with the text for your keep sake candle, copy the text below choose the design you require and past the text into the message section fill in the dashes with names and dates, or write your own message.

Mum Just To Say We Care ....
Mum We Love You .............
OnMothers Day I Send My  Love ..
Happy Candles for Christmas with love ....
To My Special Mother Love.....
With All My Love.........
To My Special Mother Love ....

Personalised candles to buy on-line. Made in Cornwall, England. U.K. Frequent Updates


Design shown: Floral
Colour: Wine
Ideal for Candles for Christmas
White cubed candle 8cm (3 inches). 

These unique candles make excellent personalised Candles for Christmas gifts. For a gift, as an ornament or paper weight.

Designed and made in Cornwall

Celebrate a special day with a personalised candle.




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All candle designs and photos are Copyright 1987 Linda Stein     keepsake-candles

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